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Michael Leaf is a third-generation San Diegan who is a completely and diligently self-taught artist who focuses on but is not limited to, Fine Metal Art.

His portfolio includes; Wall Hangings, Furniture Sculptures and Major Commercial and Public Installations. Michael views the world itself as a piece of art and gets his inspiration and ideas from exactly that.

He strives to create unique and never seen before pieces that are based on freethinking with the hopes to excite and connect with his clients and the imagination

Guests and clients have described his space as-

“An experience that is unbelievable and an absolute necessity to visit”.


Michael Leaf’s art and his business success has grown through personal connections, reaching for the stars, pursuing and executing unique ideas and shows, and NOT through any industry rules or predetermined ideas of artistic success.

Some of Michael’s confidential clientele includes: Private Collectors from around the world, Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Authors, CEO’s of major businesses, The Port of San Diego (where Michael was commissioned to design and build a 26ft commemorative sculpture now called Powering the Arts, in 2015 on the San Diego Bay Front).

Michael’s out of the box thinking, desire to always give back and the need for his works to be a part of something much bigger, has lead him to pursue goals that some would call unimaginable.

“We are energized not only through Michael’s amazing creativity, optimism and art but also through his drive for the unattainable and the fact that he actually reaches it. The fantastic thing about Michael is that he makes what seems impossible actually possible and by doing so, he gives us hope that we can accomplish not only our goals but our dreams as well. Owning a Michael Leaf original piece of art reminds me of this every day and every time I look at it.” -Private Collector

Michael Leaf Unique Events:

- Featured Artist for the San Diego Best Of event, 2009.

- Three-Month Solo Exhibition/ Featured Artist at Hotel Parisi in Down Town La Jolla, 2010.

- One Month Solo Featured Show on Paseo Drive in Down Town Palm Springs, 2011.

- Featured Artist at The Curator Event in San Diego, 2012.

- San Diego Home and Garden Magazine, 2012.
Featured 20ft tall, 5,000 lb. Metal Tree custom installation
in a private residence in Ramona, CA.

- San Diego International Film Festival 2012 & 2013.
The first person to create two consecutive years of custom sculptures/ awards for the film winners and directors.

Public Art designer, installer and vendor for Kilroy Realty 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 (roughly 25 pieces of different public artworks through out multiple commercial campuses)

Featured Artist of The San Diego International Auto Show 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016.
Here Michael created pieces for and to be paired with Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Maserati’s and Rolls Royce’s and helped with the designing and coordinating of the 30,000 sq. ft. Exotic Salon Section.

- The Featured Artist for the Las Patronas Jewel Ball 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.
One of Michaels featured sculptures was an 110ft
climbing sculpture called IT and showcasing the LOVE piece.

- The Featured Artist for the La Jolla Concours D’ Elegance show in 2014.
Here Michael designed and built sculptures
used for their top three trophies, which were showcased in
Ranch and Coast Magazine.

- Zero Degrees Exhibition, 2014.
A Michael Leaf Design Art show and event benefiting the Autism Tree Project Foundation and the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine.

- Powering The Arts Sculpture (A two year project from 2013 – 2015).
Here Michael was commissioned by the Port of San Diego to build sculpture commemorating the South Bay Power Plant (which provided energy for the San Diego region for 50 years). Powering The Arts can now be visited on the San Diego Bay Front.

- Manifested Show August 2016
Manifested was the first ever art show held at Michael’s headquarters debuting 75 never before seen artworks. These works included 12 photographs printed and framed in steel, 50 new metal artworks and 30 drawings selected out of 1000 from Michael’s private collection.

-Co-designed and built multiple public spaces including an 8000 sq. ft restaurant and nightclub in the downtown San Diego Gaslamp headquarters.
-Co-designed a 2500 sq. ft restaurant in La Jolla CA.
-Created 15 individual artworks for private collectors.
-Designed and built a 6ft tall metal, internally lit LED pine cone that is suspended roughly 16ft above ground from a gateway bridge in Medford Oregon 2018.

Has created 10 private artworks for collectors nationwide.
-Cordinating a public art rollout which will include (5) different sculptures, sites TBD.
-Designed and built Hoppy Head Liquor in San Diego CA.
-Designed and built Dereks friendly Liquor in San Diego CA.
-Designed and installed Bella Vista Cafe in La Jolla CA.
-Designed and installed a 240ft sculpture on a private residence located Solana Beach CA.